Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A play, a letter and some cards

That's exactly the kind of a headline that would have drawn the nastiest of frowns from my editor way back when I was working. How cool is it to be your own editor! While on headlines, even the biggies get stuck sometimes. Why else would Shakespeare call one of his works "As You Like It".

Anyway it's Christmas and there really is no time for rambling. Since you already know the three things on my mind - a play, a letter and some cards read on..

First - The Play

I haven't been posting about the Book Club for sometime now. That's not to say we've been idle. There has been plenty of activity. In fact that is exactly why I haven't found time to post.

Yes, finally the children are putting up a play this Christmas. In the spirit of the festival and in trying to keep everyone happy and involved I've gone over the script scores of times to weave in parts that each child wanted. Finally, everyone is pacified and reasonably happy. We now have ...

- two narrators (because two kids would be nothing else), 
- a number of good fairies (ALL girls wanted to be fairies), 
- a bunch of evil goblins (Yeah, you've guessed it - the boys would be nothing else, much as I hate stereotyping!) 
- and two leads!

My door bell hasn't stopped ringing with queries and complaints. The evil goblins are proving to be really evil and the fairies are giving them fair competition. However, I would like to look at the positive side - the kids ARE working together despite it all. There are walkouts each day and yet the next day they are there again trying to practise, with barely much adult supervision. That's something that makes me very very proud of them.

Look at the lovely invites they readied.

We're waiting for D-Day with crossed fingers hoping there are no casualties along the way.

A Letter

This year H and N discovered that there's no Santa. And so there was much protesting when during a book club meeting I suggested everyone write a letter to him. After some cajoling (encouraged by the pretty printables I downloaded from here) they came up with some interesting ones. I did tell them to think of intangible things. (I heard one of the older ones explaining to a younger one - write about things that are 'untouchable' :-)).

I loved what some of them wrote. Much venom was directed at the security guards of our apartment building, who are all just doing their duty, poor souls. Among other requests for craft sets, chocolates and good grades we also had some for a neater country, more respect for girls, help in making their grandma's room Christmasy and even one for snow in our city!! Awww!!! Isn't that really sweet.

Do try to get your kids write a letter to Santa. It's just so much fun and makes for a wonderful read when they grow up.

And finally the cards! 

In case, like us, you have lots of cards to make and are struggling with a deadline you could try this. All you need is some coloured paper, stars to go at the top and a ribbon or simply some more paper for the stems. Cut out triangles, stick them overlapping each other for the tree. Put up the star and the stem and you're done. Ours are all ready. Don't they look great?

We're all set for Christmas. So what have you got lined up? A craft, cooking or baking or carol singing? Do share with us here.

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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

#Microblog Mondays - Special mornings are made of these

Sunday's are for rest, right? Actually, not quite. During school days we hardly ever have a relaxed Sunday what with N's dance class (which she loves and doesn't want to give up), weekend homework (which cannot be avoided) and loads of chores for The Husband and I. 

This last Sunday the dance class was delayed, the kids wrapped up homework over the week and we decided to put off the chores. One is allowed to do that every once in a while, right? 

For once H and N jumped out of the bed early, ready for a walk. The Husband, lazy man that he is, bailed out but the kids and I took off. 

It felt wonderful to just be with the kids with no distractions, no gadgets, no demands and no whining. I think the freshness of the morning rubbed off on all of us. They took turns clicking pictures of their favourite flowers along the way revelling in the privilege of being allowed to handle my phone.

I mentally bookmarked the moment to be repeated again, soon.

We ended the walk at one of the Irani Cafes that have sprung up all over the city offering bun-Maska and cutting chai - buns slathered with butter and tiny cups of sweet, over boiled tea. I don't much care for the tea but the buns are always soft, fresh and sweet and the butter is delicious. This is the only time the kids are allowed a few sips of tea and look forward to it as another 'grown-up' moment.

The Husband decided to join us at the cafe - yeah bun-Maska brings out the laziest of them. But he drove down rather than walking!

On the way back we stopped at one of the shops selling plants and pottery. I wanted to pick an arocaria and was glad of the car for I wouldn't have been able to carry it home. The kids got to choose too. N wanted a pot. H wanted a 'touch me not' but since it wasn't there, settled for a cactus. I'm still not clear why he chose that over the whole array of pretty flowering plants. I think he's enamoured of the whole concept of a plant storing so much water and it's spiky appearance. What can I say - to each his own.

Back home N sat down to paint her pot and H fished out an old one. I love the way he sticks out his tongue when he's trying to concentrate, while N is so casually meticulous. He gave up soon enough and settled for painting his hands instead!

Sometimes such ordinary things make up a perfect day.


Linking to Mel's # Microblog Mondays where the discussion is about favourite words. So do you have a favourite word too?

Friday, November 28, 2014

Pigeon mums don't quite make the cut

I am just so glad my mum's not a pigeon. No offence to the pigeons but I've been watching one of them and I don't think I would have made it with a mum like her.

This year the children painstakingly painted a bird house hoping to have some of them make it their home. 

However ignoring the birdhouse totally (and rather rudely) one day, a lady pigeon laid an egg in our Tulsi planter.

The 'nest' was just two or three haphazardly placed twigs. Such careless parenting, I thought. Even if one doesn't have the dexterity of a weaver bird one can certainly do better than this. Check out the picture below and you'll know what I mean. Perhaps, hearing me rant and rave she dutifully placed a few more twigs after laying the egg. Some mother, this!

I was pretty outraged on behalf of the unborn offspring but then I thought maybe pigeons just didn't make nests (at least it was better than laying your egg in someone Else's nest), or maybe this one was exceptionally lazy. Or, thought I (when in a charitable, non-judgemental mum-to-mum frame of mind) maybe she was a single mum - which would explain a lot, including the absence of any kind of a father figure hovering around the 'nest'.

She would periodically fly away presumably in search of food, leaving her egg totally exposed to crows and mynahs. That might have been forgivable, but she also took off each time we went even close to the balcony, heartlessly deserting her egg. While such shoddy mothering annoyed me no end she seemed pretty satisfied with it. So much so that the next day she went and laid another egg!!

The eggs would have long gone had I not taken over her mothering duties. It was I who tiptoed into the balcony, I who told the maid to stop watering the poor Tulsi, I who left piles of grains for her and I who shooed away myriad predators including two excited, clueless but very curious children and their bunch of bird crazy friends. One of them wanted to stroke the bird, another wanted to 'just touch' the egg and yet another wanted to check if she would eat from his hand. Whew!

All I didn't do was sit on those darned eggs to hatch them. No sir! That easiest bit was all madame 'real mum' did. For over three weeks she sat on them when the fancy took her, while we waited, looking out each day for the new arrivals. 

Yesterday, finally, we saw some activity beneath her wings and out peeked one tiny pink headed chick. The kids (mine, not the pigeon's) literally went berserk oohing and aahing. H ran to call his friend, an aspiring vet, and N chucked her books, while I rushed for the camera. There really is no sight more wonderful, more heartwarming than that of a newborn baby - human or bird.

And today there was another one. The mum in the pigeon finally seems to have awakened. She is refusing to leave her chicks now even when I go out into the balcony or when I sit right next to the planter. When I trained the camera on her for a longish time she moved over in a proprietorial manner to take the chicks under her wing, hiding them from view like they were all hers, like I had no hand in their existence! But I couldn't help going Aww!!! I just wanted to hug all three of them.

Check out how they feed. At first, given her mothering history, I thought she was eating them up. But she was just feeding them. I wish I could upload the video but for some reason that's not happening.

I am now waiting eagerly to let my (almost) first set of twins fly the nest with a little help from their pigeon mum.

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Koyri girl

I have a friend, a friend called ~G. Funny name I know, specially that thingie before her initial. God knows it took me ages to find that on my tablet. 

I 'met' her first when she dropped by my blog commenting on some silly H and N antic and telling me she was a masi to a similar munchkin. She stuck when I read her post on how she'd given up watching the tele and was putting her time to better use, leaving me awed and inspired.

But that was nothing compared to what I felt when I found what she was doing with her time. Check these out...

She is the Koyri girl.

When she turned entrepreneur with this venture guess who was one of her customers? Yeah Moi! 

She's fun and smart and oh so creative. The specialest thing about her creations is the 'you' that you find in them. If you have a dress and have gone crazy trying to find a pair of matching earrings - she'll make them for you. See a design and don't know where to find it? She'll make that too. Your friend wants it in another colour? Done!

Do check out her creations online here.


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